•   Site Audits for Environmental, Health and Safety Evaluations
  •   "Permit by Rule" Treatment System/Site Closures
  •   Hazardous Materials Management Plan and Chemical Inventory submittals ("Hazardous Materials Business Plans" - HMBP
         and "Hazardous Materials Inventory Statements" - HMIS) 
  •   Wastewater facility permits and designs for clients served by the Santa Clara/San Jose: Sunnyvale: Palo Alto P.O.T.W.s
         and Gilroy sanitary sewer districts 

  •   Hazardous Materials Code interpretation for FAB or chemical support area design 
  •   Chemical Management & Support for Building/Site Closure/Decontamination 
  •   Employee training in Chemical Handling (MSDS-Right-to-Know/RCRA-Waste Handler); Fork-Lift; Permit by Rule; Injury
         Illness Prevention Plan; Storm Water Pollution Prevention; Hazard Communication (HAZ-COM); Construction Safety
    Management Awareness                            
  •   CEQA-EIR Negative Declarations & Exemptions 
  •   Bay Area Air Quality Management District Permitting Issues
  •   Underground Storage Tank (UST) Removal Projects
  •   Groundwater Monitoring Well Installation and Annual Reporting 
  •   Site Remediation (incl. Soils and/or Groundwater Concerns) Activity Supervision/Project Management 
  •   SARA Title III Filings (Form R) 
  •   Phase 1 and 2 Site Audits 
  •   SB-14 Source Reduction/Waste Minimization/Resource Conservation Plans & Reports
  •   Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans and Annual Reporting 
  •   Tiered and "Permit by Rule" and BAAQMD permit applications 
  •   ARP (Accidental Release Prevention) Filings 
  •   Injury Illness Prevention Plans 
  •   Biennial Generator & Form R Reporting

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