The team of professionals at C.H.A.S.E. includes individuals with backgrounds in engineering, health, safety and environmental management. We have extensive experience performing complex evaluations and developing elegant solutions in many areas including operation and design of waste water treatment plants; the preparation of complex permit packages; underground storage tank testing and removal services; evaluation of financial liability and responsible party determinations for hazardous waste contamination involving Environmental Impairment Liability Insurance claims; employee training issues; and site health, safety and environmental evaluations.

Our client list over the past 30+ years of service includes the broad range from Box-Build Assembly; Builders Exchanges; Bio-Technology; small to large Construction Firms; Crystal Growing; Education; Medical Devices;

PC Boards; Plating; Semiconductors; Solar Cells; and Government.


C.H.A.S.E.s’ hazardous materials Client list has included:  ASML Optics; Advanced Micro Devices; Raychem-HDI; Gould Electronics; National Semiconductor; Georgia-Pacific; Tandem Computers; Foothill-Deanza Community College District; Synergy Semiconductor; Applied Materials;
City of Santa Clara; Watkins-Johnson; E.G.&G. Reticon; Coherent; Comptronix Corporation; Silicon Valley Group; Tinsley-SSGI; E.G.&G. I.C. Sensors; Sun Microsystems; Glass-Tek Industries, Inc.; Prosil Wafer Corporation; Bay Networks; Dyna Craft, Inc.; Kawasaki Wafer Technology; MEMC Electronic Materials; Sola Optical USA, Inc.; Takenaka International; Siliconix; Romic Environmental Technologies; Synergenics; Veolia Environmental Services; Hewlett Packard; Agilent; Philips Electronics

of North America; Sun Power; Mission Medical; Zyomyx; Panasonic; Solectron; Flextronics; PerkinElmer Optoelectronics, plus many large

to smaller independent construction firms.

C.H.A.S.E. also has experience in the evaluation of various types of
real estate transactions involving the potential existence of hazardous materials/wastes.


C.H.A.S.E. has provided regulatory consultation services related to chemical issues since 1985. These issues range from simple code interpretation (Uniform Fire and Building Code), through preparation of site permit applications to satisfy local, State and Federal environmental regulations,

to the training of employees in environmental, health, and safety requirements.


  • Consultation services
  • Preparation of site permit  applications
  • Training
  • Evaluation